WOD – Friday 10/27

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
15 KBS
5 inchworms

Quick mobility session

Power clean – build to a heavy triple starting around 70%
Must be TnG.

“3 Amigos”
15 min AMRAP
50’ HS walk
50’ broad jump
50’ walking lunge
This is going to be a blast. Not every workout needs to be a crusher. All of these movements can be done very very deliberately. Scaling the HS walks can be substituted by going through the progressions below. Focus on your footwork in the broad jumps, and the lunges are bodyweight, so they should be perfect.

We all know the Port’s movement hierarchy for the HS walk. If you are unsure of how to present them to the class, let’s set up a time that we can go over them together.
1. Bear crawl – double the distance, so 80’
2. HS holds on the wall or piked on a box – :45
3. Shoulder taps on the wall or piked on a box – 20t
4. Walking while piked on a box. Once around in 1 direction, then once around in the opposite direction.
5. Wall walks – 5
6. Rx HS walks

Accessory Work
Quick core session
3 rounds
25 straight leg sit-ups, no mat
25 hip extensions (bridge position)
25 flutter kicks

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