WOD – Friday 11/22

PortSwole was released last year directly after The Open with the intent of giving our bodies a little time to rest and recover from the full-body, multi-jointed lifts found in our everyday programming. The goal was not to improve your overall fitness, but rather to take some time to build strength in a different way. The tank top and a jug of water way. The “I pick things up and put them down” way. The “I am not here to get huge, I am just here to get swole” way. It was easily our most popular specialty course and it’s back!

PortSwole is a 3 day a week program that can be used in addition to your fitness plan or independently. Each swole session is 60 to 90 minutes of pure work with the intent of building muscle and getting ripped. Each day will attack a different part of the body and include some movements that you are used to while introducing you to lots of new ones. All of which can be done by someone of any fitness and ability level.

The swole train will leave the station starting Monday, November 25th and can be purchased in 4 or 8-week segments.

Membership Options:
4 weeks – 3 days of programming each week – $100 per athlete
8 weeks – 3 days of programming each week – $160 per athlete

Fill out the form below to register. Email Sophie or Justin if you have any questions. Thank you!


Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, dynamic warm-up as a class

PVC mobility as a class
The Port snatch warm-up with emphasis on the OHS and snatch balance

CF Strength
Spend 10 minutes to work up to a challenging single in the following lifts, in order.
B. Snatch balance
C. Squat snatch
Off the rack, this strength biased day has been built to help you progress through the major skills needed in a successful squat snatch.

The OHS reminds of the correct positioning needed to get under the bar while really emphasizing the importance of core engagement throughout the entire life. The one mistake I see is when we force our small shoulder muscles to do too much work and forget that the lats are there to be the major stabilizer.

The snatch balance is among the hardest accessory movements in our arsenal. Getting better at the snatch balance will not only help you build the strength needed getting under a bar but will help you develop the confidence needed to commit to a squat snatch. Even if you aren’t quite ready to add a ton of weight, this exercise can truly help. Do not necessarily try to ‘max out’ your lift, instead put a challenging weight on the bar and complete a min EMOM.

All of this is building to attempting 6 to 8 reps of the squat snatch building to a weight that you are proud of. Using the lessons learned from the above, find the confidence in finishing the pull and getting yourself under the bar. Again, getting better doesn’t depend on going super heavy, but finding consistency in moving well. Be smart today and walk away feeling accomplished.

100 cals AB challenge
Even teams, just be ready to hammer.

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