WOD – Friday 11/23

3 rounds working through stations
:20 of work/:10 of transition time
Wall balls
Deadlifts to muscle cleans to hang cleans
Strict press to push press
Step-ups to box jumps

Group mobility session
CFP squat mobility; pigeon, spiderman, and hurdler
Child’s pose and laying shoulder stretch

“Fight Gone Bad”
1:00 at each station
Wall balls (20/14#)
Hang cleans (65/45#)
Box jumps (24/20”)
Push press
Cals on rower
1:00 rest, x3
It is a CFP tradition. Every year, after eating way too much food, come in the next day and do one of the hardest workouts ever created. I love it, and there are some that even look forward to it. Make sure you have all your equipment set up in each station.

Cool Down
Spend 2 minutes on the AB
Max effort foam roller

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