WOD – Friday 11/3

So far I have been done a pretty good job with the devices down challenge. I have shut all my notifications off for my social media and promised to not pick up my phone out of boredom when sitting in the kitchen. I have already noticed a difference and am proud to be working on something that I have considered an annoying habit for a while now. Who’s with me?

Remember, the goal of the challenge isn’t to completely remove your phone from your life. Being connected is an amazing thing. Technology can bring a lot of positivity into your life. However, there is a too much. This weeks challenge is there to try to help you control your usage by eliminating the reflex of picking it up during times of boredom. Simply pick one time or place that you always pick up your phone and make sure that your phone stays away or face down during those times. It’s only a week, but it could create habits that really help you stay more focused, get a little more sleep, or be present.

You get 10 minutes to Rowl with a bud
Round 1 – air squats
Round 2 – mountain climbers (each side, x2)
Round 3 – push-ups with 2 shoulder taps
Round 4 – strict pull-ups or ring rows
Round 5 – burpee broad jumps

Grab a small band; pull-aparts, high-pulls, dislocates, etc.

A1. Seated strict press – 5×5
A2. Bent over row – 5×5
A1 is done seated on a bench. A2 is standing in the hang position. Both A1 and A2 should be done with a barbell; AHAP.

“Some Beach”
10 min AMRAP
10 over the bar burpees
10 OHS (115/75#)(95/65#)
10 T2B
Fast workout for the week. Make sure reps are fast and as UB as possible for the entirety of the WOD. Taking an extra breath before each movement might help you sustain a better pace. One thing I have learned over the years I have been doing CrossFit is I don’t allow my heavy breathing to dictate when I rest. I use my breathing to determine the speed of my movement. I will stay on the bar as long as I can slow down my reps enough to sustain a pace that my breathing can keep up with. Let you breath dictate your pace, not your breaks.

Accessory Work
3 rounds
15 GHD sit-ups or weighted sit-ups
15 GHD hip extensions

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