WOD – Friday 12/13

Friday the 13th! Snuck in there in the very last month.

500/400m row
Then, 2 rounds
15 banded pull-throughs
:30 plank hold
5 inchworms

Posterior chain prep

CF Strength
Deadlift – 3.3, x3 cluster format(:15/3:00)
Complete all 3 clusters with slightly more weight than 12/7
Building off the clusters from last week. Last weeks session was a 2.2.2 cluster where you lifted 6 times with rest between every double. Today you will be completing the same amount of lifts, but with rest between the 3rd and 4th lift. The break is a little bit longer but lifting the same weight from last week should be seen as a success based on the set-up. So find out what the goal is and complete all 3 clusters at that weight.

“Backward not Forwards”
All sprints…
:30 AB sprint
:30 power cleans (95/65#)(75/55#)
:30 box jumps
Rest 1:30, x4
Intended stimulus – just like Tuesday’s workout, the goal is to find a pace that you can sustain and complete the same number of reps per round. Unlike Tuesday’s workout, the working time is much lower and the work to rest ratio is 1:1. You know what that means. The pace you should try to hold is the one where the accelerator is all the way down to the floor. Pedal to the metal.

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