WOD – Friday 12/20

Spend 2 minutes
3 rounds
10 KBS
10 goblet squats
10 push-ups

Front squat mobility
Quads and front rack

Front Squat –
The goal for todays session is to build up to a heavy triple in 5 total working sets, with 3 sets of 3 at the end.
You will be able to make pretty big jumps from the defending sets, but when you get to the triples, you’ll want to use all 3 sets of 3 to build a little more slowly getting as close to a 3RM as possible. Record your results into Wodify.

CFP benchmark WOD #8
21 thrusters (95/65#)(75/55#)
21/16 cal row
50 DU’s
15 thrusters
15/12 cal row
50 DU’s
9 thrusters
9/7 cal row
50 DU’s
Introducing the Hateful Eight. The Port’s 8 benchmark workouts that will be seen every 6 to 8 weeks. We will repeat them every 6 months or so making logging your results into Wodify very important. The goal of each one is to test a specific avenue of your fitness, showing you your improvement in each workout and how it translates to your overall fitness level. Some will require a tremendous display of skill, some will require true strength, while others will demand mental toughness. Look for these in your programming in 2020.

Intended stimulus – number 8 is a pure condition test since there is nothing truly high skill or heavy weight. The only sticking point will be the DU’s. If your cannot string together 50 at a time, mistakes could add up. Find a weight that you can go unbroken and push the pace in this workout.

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