WOD – Friday 12/29

Sign into Wodify and spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10t goblet squats
10t KBS
10t S2OH

Quick mobility session; main focus should be on the driving muscles, i.e. the ankles and calfs, knees, hips, quads and hamstrings

5 rounds
Sled pull – 50m
Farmers carry – 100m
Both should be done AHAP.
Been here, done this. New sled straps, so load ’em up and keep the legs moving.

We use the sled because it provides numerous benefits without that high risk of injury that some advanced movements carry along with them. Unlike a clean or snatch, you can work on your power, speed, and explosiveness all with one device. Most of the time we should be using the sled to work on our power output. By loading the sled with 75 to 80% of the maximum weight that you can move, and by focusing on moving the sled as explosively as possible, rather than how much weight you can drag behind you, you will experience a huge carry over to other movements we perform in this gym. Explosive movements like the Olympic and power lifts to dynamic movements like sprinting, jumping, bounding, planting, changing direction, and so forth.

“Balanced behavior”
16 min AMRAP
20t DB snatches
20t DB front squats
20t DB S2OH
20/16 cals AB
Another odd object/odd movement WOD. This workout is going to be done with one DB. Meaning you must alternate sides depending on the movement. Snatches must be alternated every rep. The front squats and S2OH can be alternated however you want. However, 10 must be completed on the left and 10 must be completed on the right before moving on.

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