WOD – Saturday 12/7

2 rounds
15/12 cals row
12 DB split stance straight leg deadlift
9 hollow rocks
6 inchworms

Posterior chain prep

CF Strength
Deadlift – 2.2.2, x3 cluster format (:10/3:00)
Complete 3 clusters with heavy 5 from 7/26
Another cluster session for the week, however, this one involves a barbell. Remember, because there is a rest built into each set, you should be able to lift a little more weight. That is why the programming is asking you to use your 5RM from last week, for 6 today. If you were not here last week. Think about something between 80 and 85% for each of the 3 clusters.

“Twilight Zone”
16 min AMRAP
15 wall balls
12t step-ups with your wall ball
9/7 cals AB
5 burpees
Classic CrossFit style workout. 4 movements that have nothing to do with one another but will find a way to have an effect on each other.
Intended stimulus – the 16 min AMRAP is one where you get better at holding a slightly unrealistic pace because the workout time is a little longer than normal, but not so long that your survival depends on it. Most AMRAP’s find themselves to be between 12 and 14 minutes long. That really means you only have to hold on for an extra 2 minutes. The key is to push each individual movement but find a way to rest in between. For example, try to go unbroken on your wall balls by finding a rest either after the burpees or rewarding your self with one right before the step-ups.

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