WOD – Friday 12/16

“You can’t get much done in life if you only work hard on the days you feel good.”
– Jerry West

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
2 rounds
10 wall balls
15 sit-ups

Spiderman and pigeon
2 rounds
10 straight legged deadlift
10 hang cleans
Front rack tricep stretch

Power clean – 5×3
*working past the weight you plan on using, these don’t have to be TnG
Use this time to get better at the power clean, because you have some heavy ones coming up in the workout.

“A man duh”
Bar muscle ups
Cleans (185/25#)(155/105#)
*15 min time cap
A spin-off of an old classic. Since rep scheme is so low, BMU progression is key. Double chest to bar pull-ups can be subbed, even regular pull-ups if that takes the band out of it. Jumping BMU’s can be used as well. Rx is a squat clean.

Breathing work
500m row, x3 w/2:00 rest between
Fit this in where and when you have time. If you’d like.

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