WOD – Friday 3/16

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 quick rounds
10 tin soldiers
10 walking lunges
10e marches in glute bridge

3 minute mobility blast

A1. DB Romanian DL – 4x10e
A2. KB front rack lunges – 4x10t
A3. GHD back extensions – 4×15
The Romanian deadlifts deserve the majority of the focus today, but the other movements shouldn’t be overlooked. These unilateral pieces as so important to long-term health. Ensuring a balance between left and right keeps the body moving in sync and builds strength equally on both sides. It also helps achieve full ROM and flexibility through the hips and knees.

With the RDL, make sure you are hinging, not bending. Hips must stay in line and cannot fly open during this movement. Weight doesn’t have to be heavy to make this strength session productive, however, the movements must be done with deliberate focus.

KB lunges must be done with 2 heavy KB’s in the front rack position, meaning they are not resting on the back. Keep the core engaged and really focus on proper lunging. Back knee drives straight down under the hip, front knee stays over the ankle.

Back extensions are often done with terrible form. Make sure you only return to parallel and you are not over-extending at the top.

“Fully Guaranteed”
Deadlifts (155/105#)(135/95#)
Cals AB
30 sit-ups after every round
Just a grinder. The movement patterns transition from the strength into the WOD, so make sure when you’re warming up the DL, you are hinging and not bending. Feel these in the hamstrings. You might be able to go unbroken in the later rounds, but the first few should prove to be difficult. Push each round and try to recover a bit in the sit-ups.

Accessory Work
3 rounds
10 hollow rocks + :10 hollow hold
10e KB deadbugs

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