WOD – Friday 4/13

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10 minutes of Rowling
Round 1 – sit-ups
Round 2 – squats
Round 3 – push-ups
Round 4 – pull-ups
Round 5 – burpees

4 to 5 rounds
A1. Weighted step-ups – 20 alternating
A2. Deadbugs – 20; w/KB stabilized OH
A3. Banded good mornings – 15 t0 20
For the step-ups, your ability will determine the height of the box to be used. A lot of people will instinctively grab the same box that they use for box jumps, but let your body tell you what its ready for. With 2 KB’s or DB’s in the suitcase position, simply step up onto the box. Here are a few things to think about.
1. Do not lean into the movement. Keep your shoulders over your hips.
2. Do not push off the back foot. Raise your body by driving through that front foot.
3. Do not help your front leg by using your back leg. Make sure you finish extension before you put your back foot on top of the box.

“The Dance”
30-25-20-15-10 burpees
10-15-20-25-30 C2B
So simple, yet so brutal.

Accessory Work
Spend 5 minutes with recovery as the focus
Foam roll, then…
Pigeon, spiderman, banded shoulder mobility

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