WOD – Friday 5/19

This workout will take up most of the class and doesn’t really require much of a warm-up mobility wise, we will take the time to warm-up the engine and then the rest is up to you. The goal of today’s workout is to find a pace that you can hold for all 3 AMRAPS, meaning at the end of the day, all three should have the same score.

Think about feeling your breathing and controlling your heart rate the entire time.

Quick group stretch

We need to prime the engines for today’s workout.
3 rounds, :30 work/:30 rest
Row for meters
DU’s or mountain climbers
Bike for cals
Rest 1:00

“Coerced Choices”
10 min AMRAP
500m row
50 DU’s
30/20 cals on AB
Rest 5:00, x3
Start over each time, regardless of where you end up.

Accessory Work
Back Squat – Week 6 Day 2
1×4@75%, and 3×4@80%

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