WOD and Burn – Friday 6/21

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
10 evolving kip swings (beat swings/knee tucks/K2E)
5 strict pull-ups or 10 ring rows
10 banded plank walk-overs (use a 45# plate)
5 pike push-ups w/2 shoulder taps
10 hollow rocks

Quick shoulder stretch

10 min EMOM
Evens – 5 to 10 HSPU’s
Odds – 1 or 2 rope climbs
*make 1 legless
As with all gymnastics EMOM’s, you are going to get out exactly what you put in. The more you challenge yourself, the harder you make the progression, the more productive this EMOM will be. So make the HSPU’s as hard as possible, make the rope climbs as hard as possible and try to hold a number that makes you proud. Use the warm-up to really start to dial in the kip swing and the OH push, so once you are in the strength you are doing the hardest version of each.

5 rounds
100’ walking lunge
30 sit-ups
30 wall balls
This one is simple on paper, but the execution is a whole different story. Hold yourself accountable to good movement through full ROM. Do not short the squats. Do not short the sit-ups. Finish every rep.

**Burn will be the same for both the strength and the WOD. Simply changing the EMOM to a push and a hinge, like a GHD sit-up or a hanging knee tuck**

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