WOD – Friday 6/2

Justin Perry with an enormous PR on his 5k time. If the 1st mile hadn’t been so congested he would have absolutely gone sub 20. Here’s what he has to say about it…

“I haven’t “run” since joining the gym. In fact, I hate running. Just finished 68th/2,000+ at a legit Runners Alley 5k. 3 minute PR. Thanks for being awesome. Your programming is unreal.”

Know any runners that think ‘lifting weights’ won’t help them run faster? Send them my way, I can prove them wrong.

Day 2 of the L-sit challenge; How did day 1 go?

3 person Rowling, 5 rounds (10 min max)
Each round the penalty is caterpillar wall balls.
In a line of three partner 1 does a wall ball and runs to the back of the line, partner 2 then catches the wall ball and does a rep and runs to the back of the line, when partner 3 does his/her wall ball that’s 1 rep. The rep doesn’t count if the ball hits the ground at all.
CFP snatch warm-up
PVC mobility as a class

Weightlifting complex – 1 power snatch + 1 squat snatch
Those who cannot squat snatch can do 2 power snatches into an OHS, those who cannot OHS can do 2 power snatches. These movements do not have to be TnG, however, you cannot drop the bar.
Work in your 3 person team and establish a max weight for each person.

Teams of 3; AFAP
150 cals AB
100 T2B
150 OH walking lunges (45/25#)(30/15#)
100 deadlifts (185/125#)(155/105#)
*still only one person working at a time, just means you can crush when it’s your turn.

Accessory Work
Tricep push downs – 100
Banded pull-aparts – 100
*get to that number however you want.

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