WOD – Friday 6/23

If any of you are right around the corner in Providence, RI this weekend. Coach Ashley and I are going to compete as individuals on Saturday and Team CFP will be competing on Sunday in the North East Fittest Invitational. A high-level competition where only the top 300 individuals in our region were invited. It is going to be one hell of a weekend and we will wear our Port shirts with pride.

800m row in Z1
Then, dynamic warm-up with posterior chain prep
Hinging must be the major mover.

2:00 a side with leg up on rig.
Iron crosses, pigeon and side lunges.

Deadlift – find a heavy single for the day
*new cycle starts next week

“Rise Up Lights”
5 rounds
10 T2B
50′ HS walk
Then, AFAP
50 cals AB
*5 wall walks can be used to sub the 50’ HS walk
The odd object movement WOD of the week. Shoulder burner. And then if that’s not hard enough, 50 cals on the bike to finish. Scaling this one is obviously very important. Just flying through the HS walk progression without challenging yourselves will make this one way too easy. The minimum amount of work that we should be doing are the 5 wall walks per round.

We all know the Port’s movement hierarchy for the HS walk. If you’d like to sub something else in below to continue to work on your HS walks
1. Bear crawl – double the distance, so 80’
2. HS holds on the wall or piked on a box – :45
3. Shoulder taps on the wall or piked on a box – 20t
4. Walking while piked on a box. Once around in 1 direction, then once around in the opposite direction.
5. Wall walks – 5
6. Rx HS walks

Accessory Work
Laying banded leg curls – 4x20t
Banded tricep push-downs – 4×15

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