WOD – Friday 6/30

Remember that this weekend we will have normal classes, however, Monday and Tuesday we will be closed to celebrate the greatest holiday, Merica Day. Hope to be invited to each and every one of your July 4th BBq’s, because I will come to them all decked out in my American Flag gear.

We open for normal hours on Wednesday at 9am. (No 5/6 or 7am classes)

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
20t walking lunges
10 ring rows
5 inchorms w/a push-up

Lunge prep – include 2:00 in the bottom of your squat, spiderman, and couch.

Back rack reverse lunges – 4x8e;*build up to a challenging weight and complete all sets across.
Put the bar on the back and focus on proper movement. Step back wards to a full lunge position making sure the front knee stays over the ankle and the back knee drives down underneath the hip. Similar to Bulgarian split squats without the raised foot. Use an ab mat if you have sensitive knee caps like me.

4 rounds
400m run
30 wall balls
20 box jumps
A version of the CrossFit WOD “Kelly”. A great test of fitness. Really get after it. Push the runs, get right into the wall balls and then right onto the box jumps.

Accessory Work
3-4 rounds
Banded tricep push downs – 15
Banded pull aparts – 15
Barbell good mornings – 10

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