WOD – Friday 7/19

Shoulder mobility; coaches choice
Then, 6 min warm-up EMOM
Evens – 10 kip swings + 10 ring rows
Odds – 10 S2OH

10 min EMOM
Evens – 20 pull-ups
Odds – 3 push jerks
Not only an opportunity to get better at the push jerk strength-wise but if you are still new to the movement, it is a good opportunity to get in some reps. Keep the bar lighter and get comfortable with receiving the bar in a strong finish position.

3 rounds
25 wall balls
20/16 cals AB
15 T2B
Once again, that dangerous combination of wall balls and assault bike. Looking back over the last few weeks, you have plenty of experiences to learn from. I would try to go unbroken for as long as possible. If that’s not an option, look to hold the biggest sets you can without redlining. Creating a good individual strategy will help you get through this one with the best possible time.

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