WOD – Friday 7/3

Have athletes start off with 3 minutes on an AB
Have them increase intensity each minute.
Minute 1 – Easy
Minute 2 – Moderate
Minute 3 – Moderate/Hard
6 hook grip deadlifts
6 dip, drive and high pulls
6 high hang muscle cleans (include front rack stretch here)
6 high hang power cleans
6 high hang squat cleans
6 hang squat cleans

Hang squat clean – complete the following
3 reps EMOM for 3 min; rest 1:00
2 reps EMOM for 3 min; rest 1:00
1 rep EMOM for 3 min; rest 1:00
Stay across in each EMOM, build between.
Focus on really getting under that bar and catching it in a solid rack position. On the shoulders, elbows up.

4 sets
3 min EMOM
Complete 6 SA DB hang squat clean on each side.
Rest 1:00, x3
Every EMOM, increase weight of DB.

Option 3.
5 rounds
10e bicep curls
15 BB good mornings
20t Russian twists

Every 3:00 for 12:00 total
12 front squats (135/95#)
12 pull-ups
Treat these interval workouts the same way you would an EMOM. Create a set of movements and reps that you can complete well before the 3:00 is over so you have a bit of a rest and recharge time before the next interval. You will not be able to hold quality movement if you just keep moving. Be mind full of the weight on the bar and scale the push-ups to a slightly easier progression or simply cut down the reps. Try to get between :60 and :45 off each round.

Every 3:00 for 12:00 total
12 goblet squats
12e bent over rows

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