WOD – Friday 8/10

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds TABATA format
:20 of work/:10 rest to transition
Active hang to scap pull-ups to kip swings
Plank hold to scap push-ups to handstand hold
Hollow holds to hollow rocks to hollow crunches

Quick mobility blast if needed.
Some shoulder prep; rotational drills, flies, etc.

A1. Ring rows – 4×10 ring rows w/3230 tempo
A2. DB bench press – 4×10; AHAP
A3. Plank hold – 4×1:00
Horizontal pull and horizontal push. The ring rows should be near failure, make them very hard. Grab a weighted vest if possible. Nice and slow. 3 seconds up, 2 second pause at the top, 3 seconds down. The bench should be far from that stimulus. Hard reps but don’t come close to feeling.

“Something ’bout a Truck”
14 min AMRAP
200m med ball run (20/14#)
40t med ball lunges
20 wall balls
Odd object WOD of the week. That medicine ball is going to be your buddy the entire WOD. Run with it however you want, lunge with it however you want and then wall ball the way you should. Take your time in this one and just keep moving. Make sure to stand tall with the med ball and don’t allow it to shorten your breathing pattern.

Accessory Work
SA banded tricep push-downs – accumulate 100t
Banded leg curls – accumulate 100t

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