WOD – Friday 8/30

Dynamic warm-up focused on hips, knees and ankles.
Then, 3 rounds with a barbell and increasing weight
10 deadlifts
10 hang cleans
10 front squats
Add weight
8 cleans
8 front squats
Add weight
6 squat cleans

Squat clean – warm it up and make a plan. Then, AFAP complete
10 squat cleans @45%
8 squat cleans @55%
6 squat cleans @65%
4 squat cleans @75%
2 squat cleans @85%
Log into Wodify and find out what your weights should be for this ladder. Make sure to warm up appropriately, meaning you should be hitting some of your heavier weights before you start. Do not expect to pick up your 75% for the first time in the middle of this strength. Getting ready should take you almost double the time that the actual strength takes.

We have been working on the squat clean lately. Two weeks ago we hit a non-TnG double and last week we hit a non-TnG triple. These two sessions should come in very handy as we are going to get close to those numbers today. When you get into the end of the 8’s and 6’s, the single approach might be the best way to succeed in this clean ladder.

“Race Pace”
10 min AMRAP
25/20 cal row
20 cals AB
Simple and sweaty. Find a pace in each piece and stick with it. This workout is going to go fast, so don’t be afraid to push it a little bit.

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