WOD – Friday 9/6

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, PVC mobility
The Port snatch warm-up as a class

CF Strength
Weightlifting complex – 1 snatch + 1 hang snatch
The last couple of times we have snatched we have worked on a couple things. First, each lifting session was broken into 2 five minute EMOM’s who’s goals was to break the movement down in the first one, and then put it all together in the second one. Today, we are going to rely on those previous lifting sessions for the skill transfer but there is a lot more freedom in today’s weightlifting complex. There is no scheduled lifts, meaning you can lift whenever you want to and there is no designation on whether the snatches are power or squat. That means you can tailor it to your goals. If you are still uncomfortable with squatting but want to work on technique, maybe we go all power today. Or if you think you technique is pretty good but need some more experience getting under the bar, force yourself to squat snatch at least one of the lifts.

5 min AMRAP
30 DU’s
15 push-ups
10 DB snatches
Rest 3:00, x2
This WOD is designed to see how good you are at pacing. If you approach this one with a little strategy, your first AMRAP and your second AMRAP should be almost the same in terms of rounds and reps. Without saying anything else, what’s your approach?

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