WOD – Friday 9/22

2 years ago we won this award and I couldn’t have been more proud. It meant that you all believed the same thing that Sophie and I did. That we were the best gym in the seacoast. Fast forward, we believe that more today than we ever have and here is our chance to prove it again. Take 2 seconds to vote. There is no limit to how many times you can vote as long as you vote once a day. Show the seacoast who’s the best gym, The Port. Why? Because of our community.


Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
10 sit-ups
10 air squats
10 push-ups
10 pull-ups or ring rows

With a barbell;
10 good mornings
10 hang cleans
10 jerks
Spiderman, pigeon and child’s pose

Power clean and push jerk – 5×3; not TnG but fast back to the bar.
Start around 70% and build after each triple.
We have been playing with these a little bit lately. Done some clusters. Done just power cleans. Done just push jerks. Today we are putting it all together. 3 power clean and push jerks, dropping after every rep. Rest as needed between each set. Add a little weight if they feel good.

“Fast and Loud”
2 rounds AFAP
20 deadlifts (135/95#)(115/75#)
20 OtB burpees
20 S2OH
Rest 3:00 between rounds
Fast and loud. Clang and bang. This one will go by in a flash. Just because of the speed of the WOD, doesn’t mean we can cut corners on the movement. Each rep needs to be finished and all standards must be met. Unbroken anyone?

Accessory Work
Banded Tricep push-downs – accumulate 80
Banded pull-aparts – accumulate 80

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