WOD – Monday 1/1

So here we go. January 1st, 2018. New Year. A clean slate. A chance to really commit to making changes. What are your goals for this year? Personally or professionally. It is always important to think about things that you’d like to accomplish. It helps drive training. It pushes you. Motivates the hard work.

I have a new years resolution for all of you. Do a better job using WOdify. It is such a powerful tool that you’re not using. It would take 2 minutes out of your day. How about it?

Remember, there’s only a 9am, noon and 4:15 today.

Sign into Wodify and spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10t walking lunges
5 inchworms
10 air squats
5 scorpions

CFP squat mobility session

A. Back squat – 3×5; AHAP across
B. Bulgarian split squats – 4x8e; AHAP
Double strength day. Spend the time warming up each of these movements because there is ample time to burn. For the back squats, we want to see really high numbers. Like 80% and up. So once we start getting up there, spotting is a key.

The Bulgarian split squats are going to be done with two KB’s in a suitcase hold. Really pay attention to form here. Front knee is and stays over the front ankle during set-up and execution. The back knee and hip drive straight down with full ROM. If weight prevents good form, drop down a KB. Prioritize perfect positions.

“Water on the Bridge”
5 min AMRAP
5 hang squat clean (185/125#)(165/115#)(135/95#)
35 DU’s
This WOD will hurt, but only for about 6 minutes. Make sure weight is not a limiting factor, so if you have a hang squat clean from a couple of weeks ago, 60 to 65% of that number will help reach the proper stimulus. Think a medium to heavy barbell. You shouldn’t be failing reps during a 5 min WOD but the weight should be intimidating. Obviously, a power clean and front squat can be substituted.

Accessory Work
Banded leg curls – accumulate 100t
Banded leg extensions – accumulate 100t

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