WOD – Monday 1/14

Remember, to win this months challenge, all you need to do is show up and log into Wodify. Simple.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 to 3 rounds of
10 scapular push-ups
10 banded pull-downs
10 banded face pulls
10 monster band push-ups

Rotational drills to prep for bench

Bench press – find a 3RM and then a 1RM
Tricky balance here but given plenty of time, you should be able to find both a 3RM and a 1RM. Let’s make sure we really focus on how to properly set up for the bench; squeezing the butt, bringing the scaps down towards your tailbone, creating a space between the bench and lower back, being active and driving through the heels are all important performance cues. Let’s not simply lay down on the bench and press.

“High Hopes”
3 rounds
40 sit-ups
20 DB bench press (50/35#)
20 KB step-ups (53/35#)
The step-ups should be done with 2 KB in the suitcase position. The height of the box should never put the knee above parallel. Going higher than needed does not make it a better exercise but puts your knee at risk. So be smart with the height of the box you use. The bench should be done with 2 heavy DB’s.
Both movements should be hard for 20, so weight will be very different among athletes.

1. Bodybuilding – 3 or 4 rounds
10 SA DB standing strict press
10 rolling tricep extensions
2 sets of 21’s
One set of 21’s = 7 DB curls from the bottom to halfway + 7 DB curls from halfway to all the way + 7 full DB curls
2. Banded work – accumulate 100
Banded woodchops
Banded hollow hold pull-downs
3. Interval work –
300m row, rest 1:00, x5
4. Gymnastics – spend 10 minutes
HS holds
HS walking
5. Core work – 5 rounds
100′ farmers carry (heavy)
1:00 dball bear hug

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