WOD – Monday 1/15

The single leg Romanian deadlifts. A movement that has solidified a spot in my daily warm-ups. Used to engage the posterior chain (glutes and hamstrings mostly), test and develop the stability muscles all while requiring coordination and complete core engagement. When completing an RDL, think about the torso and leg being locked together, meaning if the torso is moving forward the leg must be moving backward. Moving independently of one another proves a broken core and therefore an inefficient movement. Secondly, my favorite cue is to think about pushing your foot back like you are trying to touch an invisible wall behind you. This will help you get flat, which ultimately is the most important piece of the RDL. As you stand back up to the tabletop position, squeeze your glutes to finish the movement, do not simply stand up. Lastly, your hips must stay stacked. A lot of times an athlete will let their hips fly out and as a result, they will slowly dip to one side. This will disengage that side completely and again, won’t produce the stimulus we are looking for. Weight should always provide for good form and the movement should be slow and controlled. If they want to squat big weight, show me a perfect RDL first.

If you signed up for PortSweat, it starts this week. There is a Tuesday @8am, Thursday @8am and a Thursday @5:15pm. Make sure you try to come to the class you signed up for so there are enough bikes per class. Each class is almost full, so I am excited to watch you guys sweat it out. If you are still interested, email us to see if we can fit you in.

Sign into Wodify and spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 Russian KBS
10 push-ups
10 ring rows
10 goblet squats

Ankle and hamstring mobility

4 rounds
A1. SA Romainain DL’s – 8e; AHAP with perfect form
A2. Famers carry – 100m; AHAP
A3. Manmakers – 6 to 10 (50/35#)(35/25#)
Manmaker is a squat thrust, push-up on the DB’s, row left hand, push-up on the DB’s, row right hand, jump in and complete a squat clean thruster. Here make sure we are getting back into a good position to squat clean. A lot fo times we accept crappy foot placement and rounded backs. Take the time to do these correctly, you aren’t being rushed.

“Farm to Table”
The Port benchmark workout – use Wodify to log your results
8 min AMRAP
10 deadlifts (225/155#)(185/125#)
10 OtB burpees
Fast and loud. Clang and bang. Deadlifts should be UB but heavy. If someone was to get 6+ rounds, we are looking at almost 70 deadlifts. That should be taken into account when loading the bar for the workout.

Accessory Work
Banded leg extensions – complete 100t
Hollow rocks – accumulate 100

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