WOD – Monday 1/20

Our annual participation in the Nate WOD challenge.
A fundraiser that benefits One Summit – a nonprofit with a mission of building resilience in kids battling cancer through experiential learning and mentorship with U.S. Navy SEALs. Here is how the Challenge works!

We will be asking our members to participate in the hero WOD “Nate” on Tuesday, February 4th. Given that it is an AMRAP, we are asking everyone to make a donation to our team’s page for every round completed. All of the proceeds will benefit One Summit. If you donate fractions of a dollar for each round you complete, we can beat our donation from last year.

Follow the link and sign up now!

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 round w/an empty barbell
10 deadlifts
10 hang power cleans
10 front squats
10 down dog push-ups

Quads, ankles and front rack

CF Strength
Front Squat – 5×4; all sets done heavier than last weeks weights
Continuing with our front squat cycle, remember why we are focusing on such an important lift. To build the front of the legs, and really work on proper core engagement. The front squat is so hard for so many because any drop of the torso makes the lift exponentially harder and more dangerous. Take the time to dial in good movement and proper positions and hold yourself accountable for completing all of these squats with a challenging weight and perfect movement.

“Always be Prepared”
10 min AMRAP
3 power cleans (185/125#)(165/115#)
15 HSPU’s
Intended stimulus – since both movements will be challenging, moving quickly will not be an option. However, because both movements are high skill/heavy and difficult, you won’t need to move too quickly to spike the heart rate. Understanding that and having a good grasp of your current capabilities, a solid plan will go a long way here. Even though 15 HSPU’s might seem pretty attainable, even in the middle of a set, breaking them up on purpose from the begging makes a lot of sense for most. Talk to a coach and be battle-ready.

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