WOD – Monday 1/27

Our annual participation in the Nate WOD challenge.
A fundraiser that benefits One Summit – a nonprofit with a mission of building resilience in kids battling cancer through experiential learning and mentorship with U.S. Navy SEALs. Here is how the Challenge works!

We will be asking our members to participate in the hero WOD “Nate” on Tuesday, February 4th. Given that it is an AMRAP, we are asking everyone to make a donation to our team’s page for every round completed. All of the proceeds will benefit One Summit. If you donate fractions of a dollar for each round you complete, we can beat our donation from last year.

Follow the link and sign up now!

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds for quality
20t KB step-ups
10 front rack squats

Front squat mobility

CF Strength
Front Squat – 5×3; all sets done heavier than last weeks weights
Week 3 of our front squat progression. Remember that the more work you put in now, the harder you push these sets, the more it will pay off when it comes time to retest. Adding that extra 5 or 10 pounds this week will really pay off in the long run. Keep focusing on core engagement and really trying to keep an upright torso, because as these weights increase, a higher demand on good form will be a priority when it comes to successful reps. Make sure you dial in good positions from the very beginning.

“Brick and Mortar”
3 rounds
25 wall balls
50 DU’s
20 DB deadlifts (50/35#)(40/25#)
50 DU’s
15 over the DB burpees
Intended stimulus – the success of this workout is almost unfairly dependent on the success of your DU’s. If you are someone who looks at 50 as an impossibility, then scaling the reps will make a huge difference when it comes to really getting to a place of high heart rate.

Thinking about the true intention of programming a double under, refer to anything “cardio”; burpees and calories, or meters, on any machine. All of which should be approached the same. How fast can I go with the intention of sustaining that pace? For most of us, there is a top-end limit. Meaning I can hold a good pace on a bike for a certain amount of calories and then I lose intensity significantly. The same applies to DU’s. Anything more than that rep number and we might start to foul up too much and the heart rate simply isn’t high enough because we just can sustain. Think about what that limit means for you today. Maybe 50 is just too much, maybe 30 is more realistic.

For the DB deadlifts, only one head of the DB’s must touch for a rep to count.

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