WOD – Monday 1/7

So our first full week back after the holidays and it’s time to find some stability again. We are going to bring back the monthly challenges and this month we are going to focus on being consistent at the gym. Looking at your week it is going to be important to carve out at least 3 days each week to spend an hour at the gym with us. When you come in, log into Wodify. Those with at least 20 classes logged into Wodify at the end of the month will be entered in a raffle to win a prize. But you must show up AND login to win. Time to get back to a routine.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 5 min AMRAP
10 KB deadlifts
10 KB goblet squats
10e SA KB push press

Big time mobility session – front rack and squat mobility

A. Front rack box squats – 7×3; start sets around 65% and build to a heavy weight for the day
B. SL/SA RDL’s – 3x8e; AHAP
The box is not there to make sure that you are going low enough. The box is there to break up the eccentric and concentric phase of the squat by sitting on the box. Because we are breaking up the phases of the squat, some of the kinetic energy that is produced through lowering of the bar in the squat is taken away, thereby forcing you to develop explosive reversal strength. Which means that athletes dependent on the stretch shortening cycle will not be able to use the “bounce” to get back up. So utilizing it in the front squat will really help with things like heavy cleans and snatches.

The single leg, single arm RDL is still something we are working on as a gym. Make sure that the movement is prioritized over weight. Balance is something that is worth training as much as strength. When our balance is good, it means our stabilizer muscles are strong. When these secondary muscles are strong, our joints are safe. Yes the RDL will train the hamstrings, but a good RDL will work a lot more than just the big movers. Proprioception, balance, and strength of the foot, ankle, calf, and knee are all improved, but only with good movement.

“Slack Tide”
Hang power snatches (75/55#)(65/45#)
C2B pull-ups
The modern-day Fran. It’s like the iPhone x version of the iPhone. Going to take as much mental fortitude if you want to get a good time, but will require a little more strength. The barbell is lighter but the gymnastics movement is much more high skill. But that shouldn’t stop you from pushing the pace, just because the barbell is light, doesn’t mean we should jump to the Rx version, it is 45 C2B pull-ups, so if you have trouble getting through them in 3 sets, either lower the reps scheme (15-12-9) or substitute regular pull-ups. If you do choose to scale even further, strict banded pull-ups would help keep the difficulty rather high while still keeping you moving. Just remember, you cannot kip with a band.

1. Body Building – 4 rounds
10 OH tricep extensions
15 DB floor press
20 empty BB bicep curls
2. Banded work – accumulate 100 each
Banded lat pull-downs
Banded pull-throughs
3. Interval work – 6/8/10 minutes (start with 6 min, add min every week done. This will evolve for you)
:30 hard/:30 easy on the ski erg
4. Gymnastics – accumulate 60 to 80 reps
Strict T2B or hanging straight leg raises with wall ball between feet
5. Core work – complete 3 rounds
20 banded deadbugs
10e banded plank rows
100′ waiters carry

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