WOD- Monday 10/22

1000m row in Z1
Then, 2 to 3 rounds with a monster band
Banded deadbugs (legs only, half hollow up top)
Banded fire hydrants w/hold
Banded clam shell w/hold
Monster walk (left/right, forward and backward)

Banded distracted hip flexor stretch

Back squat – 3×3*; Some people will be moving on to the last phase of the cycle. Sets of 3. Using last week as a baseline, when you completed your max effort set, if you hit 5 or more reps, you should add 10 to 20# and stay in your 5’s. If you did not hold 5’s, you must add weight and move to your sets of 3.

Enough said here. Some of us have really started to get close to our true training maxes at each segment of this cycle. Might even be the last week for a few people. Most of the gym isn’t quite there yet, so tif you are someone who is close, add just a little bit of weight from last week and try to hit all sets of 3.

“Burpee Bear” bear complexes (135/95#)(115/75#)
Must complete 10 OtB burpees after every set of bears
Bear complex – 1 clean + 1 front squat + 1 S2OH + 1 back squat + 1 S2OH
1. No a squat clean doesn’t count for your front squat
2. No a thruster doesn’t count for your S2OH.
Every movement must be done with enough of a pause that you can see it clearly as that movement.

This workout should be fast, but dropping the bar shouldn’t really be done unless you are right back on it. And of course a drop is only allowed if you have completed a full complex, not dropping mid-bear. Make the weight “light” enough that you can keep it moving but not too light to as you’re not at least thinking about dropping it and taking a break.

Accessory Work
Banded pull-throughs – accumulate 100
Banded leg curls – accumulate 100t

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