WOD – Monday 10/29

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, dynamic warm-up with class
Joint mobility and squat prep

Back squat – 3×3*;
This is it, last heavy week. We will deload the legs next week and try for a 1RM the week after. Really think about the best way to approach this one. Looking back to previous weeks and coming up with a solid plan will only boost your confidence going into the final stretch. Every one should be on the set of 3’s, for most this will be the last week. If you failed last week either try again at the same weight, or drop down a little bit and try to hit 3 sets of 3. If you hit 3 sets across last week, add a little weight and try again.

50 T2B
50 back squats (135/95#)(115/75#)
50 OtB burpees
Just a lot of work. Need to find a pace and stick with it. Most will have to break up the T2B and back squats 3 or 4 times so think about pacing the breaks and getting back on the bar as quickly as possible. Bar must be taken off the floor each time, so don’t put it down unless you absolutely must. Think about it this way, not much carryover from one exercise to the next in terms of localized fatigue. So push each movement and worry only about the next rep.

Accessory Work
Banded pull-throughs – accumulate 100
Banded rows, plank position – accumulate 100t

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