WOD – Monday 10/7

The first Open WOD is released this Thursday night ad will be done on Saturday morning from 7 to 10. Make sure you have read Coach Ashley’s awesome post. It will help you with everything you might need to know going into this years games. Plus, there might be a short quiz.

1:00 of DU’s
Then, 4 min AMRAP
10 front squats
10 hollow rocks
10 push-ups with opposite toe touch
1:00 of DU’s

Front squat mobility session

CF Strength
Front squat – 5 reps E2:30
Sets 1 and 2 @60%
Sets 3 and 4 @65%
Sets 5 and 6 @70%
Let’s try this again. Last time we started we all weren’t really sure where our current 1RM was, now we do. So log into Wodify, find out what should be on the bar and warm up to that first percentage.

Make sure the bar is high up on that rack position, the elbows and torso stay upright, and the hips do not shoot back as you drive out of the hole. In the earlier percentages, you have an opportunity to really dial in good movement patterns. So do not just go through the motions, keep the brain turned on, stay focus and work on getting better as you get warm.

Every 4:00 for 5 rounds total
25/20 cals AB
50 DU’s
:30 L-sit
You are really going to have to push the pace to get some rest here, so if you are someone who has a tough time accumulating calories on the bike, simply cut down the number per round. If double under’s are your kryptonite do not spend more than 1:00 whipping yourself. Either way, come up with a plan that will give you at least :30 off between rounds.

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