WOD – Monday 10/24

Warm Up
:20 Jumping Jacks
:10 Rest
:20 High Knees
:10 Rest
:20 Butt Kickers
:10 Rest
:20 Lunges
:10 Rest
:20 Jumping Squats
1:00 Rest, X2

Box Stretches – plus smashing of hammies w/ lax ball

Deadlift form test with your box
Stand behind a large box with your toes touching the box. Using a bar or PVC do a few deadlifts. The box will not allow you to push knees forward. It will force you to sit in heals & have vertical shins which are the most important piece of a proper deadlift.

Then use box for HSPU practice; do a few reps with toes or knees on box – or just an ab mat. Making sure you understand the positioning. Your hands and head should create a triangle. Not a straight line.

A1. Deadlift – 3×4 AHAP
A2. HSPU’s – 2×6-12 + 1 ME set
*2 reps short of failure
**add volume
You guys are doing awesome with this. So many athletes are getting their first HSPU’s

“La Playa”
MAP training
8 min AMRAP
6 squat cleans (135/95#)(115/75#)
8 T2B
10 cals on the rower
Rest 4:00
8 min AMRAP
10 ring dips
100m shuttle run
MAP training Mondays. Think about pacing, try to stay within 80% in the first WOD so you can attack the second between 85 and 90%

Cool Down
Foam roller on legs
Spiderman and pigeon, 2:00 in each position on each side

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