WOD – Monday 10/31

Happy Halloween
Best costume contest will be going on in every class today. Who can not only rock it, but who can WOD in it?

CrossFit Portsmouth joins #burpeesforbreaths & pledges to perform 7 burpees (for the 7th chromosome) for 18 days (for more than half the CF population now being over 18 years old) in our support of our very own Jaime Dunaway, the Prendergast/CrossFit Wachusett family & all others who have been touched by Cystic Fibrosis.
Starting Monday every group class, every day for 18 days will perform 7 synchronized burpees to help support this cause.
I know our CrossFit Portsmouth community can step up & show support like they show support for each other everyday they step into the gym. Let’ make a difference for people living with CF!
#burpeesforbreaths #fightforcf #cfpstrong #burpeessfordays #teamavery #cfawareness

7 synchronized burpees as a class
3 rounds
5 BOO-ty lifters (glute bridge)
10 Frankenstein shoulder taps
10 Kettle-corn (bell) swings
10 Goblin(et) squats

10 Scaredy Cats (cat/cow)
10 Iron Crosses
10 scorpions
:30s each side in Bretzel and hamstring stretch against rig

A1. Deadlift – 3×3 AHAP
A2. HSPU’s – 2×6-12 + 1 ME set
*2 reps short of failure
**first week of 3’s, go get em’
This progression only has another week before a max effort day. Work hard now, it will pay off later.

14 min EMOM
Evens – 15/12 cals on rower
Odds – 15 burpees to a plate
*here we go again.
**if you sustained, go up in work, if you didn’t try to

Cool Down
Hamstring stretch with a band
Hips in pigeon and foam roll back

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