WOD – Monday 11/19

Gather food pantry had 450 turkeys delivered with all the fixings; potatoes, onions, cranberry sauce and brussel sprouts. The Port delivered, 30+ people came to help. The two food pantry guys couldn’t have been more appreciative. Said the work we did in the hour that we were there would have taken them all week. Was amazing to watch our community jump at the chance to help.

We are going to help again December 20th. If you guys are around, it’s pretty awesome.

500m row
Then, 2 or 3 rounds of…
10e single leg RDL’s (start unweighted)
10 banded pull-throughs
10 KB deadlifts (increase weight)
5 inchworms

Posterior chain prep

Deadlift – 2×10, 2×5, and 2×3
Add weight when changing reps, but stay across in each set.
Big time volume here. 2 sets of 10 around 70%, 2 sets of 5 around 75% and then 2 sets of 3 around 85%. Meaning we are going to complete 36 reps all at 70% and above. Be smart about warming up and stretching. Do not simply grab a bar and add weight without thinking about your overall plan and how best to attack your goal for this session.

“Stoved Up”
10 minute running clock
5 rounds
8 DB thrusters
10t weighted step-ups
With remaining time accumulate as many calories on the rower as possible.
As long as you scale the weights of the dumbbells appropriately, getting to the rower should be no issue. Remember with step ups, bigger boxes don’t mean better step ups. The box should put the knee at or slightly above parallel. This should tricky, but we have been doing weighted step ups as a strength, we are ready to do them in a WOD.

Accessory Work
Banded face pulls – accumulate 100
DB flyes – 4×12 (light weight)

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