WOD – Monday 11/5

No complaint November is in full swing and if you are committed to making a change and holding yourself accountable to positive thoughts and positive speech, you should have put your name on the whiteboard up front. Bracelets will be in tomorrow so you will have no where to hide after that shiny white symbol of positivity is on full display. I am proud of you for taking a really hard step towards working on something that is very difficult to change. #NCN

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Heavy air squat based warm-up
3 to 4 rounds of increasing intensity
10/8 cals AB
20 air squats

The Port squat mobility session

A1. Box squats – 6×3; AHAP
A2. Broad jump – 3 bounding jumps for max distance
A slight deload from the squat cycle. Using the box squat to cut down on volume, while controlling everyones range of motion. Remember, really wide stance to ensure a completely vertical shin. Box height should allow the squat just to parallel. Do not rock out of the bottom of the squat. Simply sit down, stay tight and drive through the heels.

The broad jump, 3 TnG attempts. So a triple jump for max distance. It’s always fun to act like a kid and test things out that will improve with all the hard work you put in during class. As soon as you get off the squat rack, you must try a broad jump. No rest between A1 and A2, but plenty of rest between A2 and A1.

10 min AB test
Top 5 hardest workouts in our benchmark series. If done right you are falling off the bike at the end. Many different ways to handle the middle aspect but a tried and true method would be to start out at a higher intensity for 2 minutes, settle into a pace that’s slightly lower for 5 minutes and then start to ramp it up the last 3, making the last 60 seconds and all out effort.

Accessory Work
3 rounds
20 banded face pulls
20 DB floor press
20 weighted sit-ups

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