WOD – Monday 12/30

3 rounds
10/8 cals AB
20 air squats
20 glute bridges

Squat mobility session

CF Strength
Back squat wave – 3.2.1
First wave – 3@80, 2@85, 1@90%
Second Wave – 3@85, 2@90, 1@95%
Third wave – 3@90, 2@95, 1@100%
*add weight to each lift from last session
Last week of the wave cycle, next week we will look to find a new 1RM. Put the work in today and set yourself up for a successful session. As always, be confident to ask for a spot as the weights get heavier. You are looking to hit as close to your 1RM as possible today, so build with a plan and take what is given. Given the last week of training, be ready to work based on how you feel.

“Dare You”
12 min AMRAP
8 KBS (53/35#)(44/26#)
8 cals AB
20 DU’s
**every round add 1 rep to KBS and AB
Intended stimulus – the goal of today’s 12 min AMRAP is to keep you moving the entire time. Rest between movements, not during movements. As the reps increase, making the sets longer, you will find a way to settle into a pace. The earlier rounds will force you into a slightly faster pace than you will be able to hold, so get through the early rounds and find a way to slow down a bit.

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