WOD – Monday 12/12

This is week 4 of exploring our core values here at CrossFit Portsmouth. So far we have identified the importance of integrity, humility and gratitude. All three are integral in understanding that we were given an amazing opportunity to simply participate in the everyday events of our lives. Doing what’s right, being thankful for what we have, and understanding that none of it should be taken for granted.

This week we are going to examine the most obvious core value a place like CFP should prioritize, hard work. There is no substitute for it, and everyone knows if you want to see results, there is only one way to do it.

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”

All weather announcements will be sent by text message through Wodify. So make sure you have your notifications turned on. Also, please make sure winter boots are taken off and wait for your return in the foyer. Thank you.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then 2 rounds
5 push-ups
10 squats
5 pull-ups
10 sit-ups

Set up for back squat…
10 back squats w/pause in hole
Spiderman, pigeon
10t lunges w/bar in back rack
Standing hamstring

A1. Back squats – 3×5; all done @95% of week 1’s heaviest sets
A2. Weighted sit-ups – 3×15; weight held to chest
Make sure you are using the correct numbers for your back squats. Week 1 we found a 5RM. All percentages are based off that 5RM.

“One Fish”
5 rounds
15 wall balls (20/14#)
10 power cleans (115/75#)(95/65#)
1 rope climb
Rope climb progressions are key here. Make sure to have a good plan in mind. Laying to standing plus 2 K2E back to laying is a good one. Others include the rope on the pull-up rig, or even 3 T2B/K2E + 3 pull-ups.

Cool Down
Banded hamstring stretch
Foam roll the legs

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