WOD – Monday 1/4

Check the announcements above!

Despite the holidays, the CFP community hit some major PR’s this month, congratulations!

2 Rounds with a Partner & a WB:
10 WBs – passing ball each rep – don’t let the ball hit the floor!
10 Partner Sit Ups with WB
10 Pike Seated Twists with the WB – pass ball back & forth
:30 WB Plank (feet on wall ball) / Partner 2 Hollow Hold – then switch

Box Mobility – spiders, lunges, pigeons etc. At the end grab everyone a lax ball and smash your hammies

Back squat – 3RM w/:02 pause + 2×3@90% w/o pause

“An attractive offer”
4 rounds
300m row
15 pull-ups
10 OtB burpees
5 squat cleans (165/115#)
Rest 3:00

Extra Credit
Nose and toes HS hold – 3x:20
L-sit – accumulate 1:00

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