WOD – Monday 2/24

3 steady rounds
12/10 cals row
10 kip swings
20t walking lunges

Quick lunge mobility – ankle mobility focus

CF Strength
A1. Back rack lunges – 4x5e; AHAP
A2. Monster walks – :30 walk on each side, x4
Burners substitute DB lunges, using something heavy for all 4 sets.

WOD prep
Warm up the front squat and review bar muscle-up progressions.

“Flashing Lights”
Front squat (205/125#)(185/105#)
Bar muscle up
Repeat WOD – look back to 8/5
Intended stimulus – Heavy, fast and high skill. Determining weight for your front squats should be the top priority. Go too heavy and this workout will be much too slow. Go to light and you won’t stain the central envois system enough to truly feel the correct stimulus. If you are a percentage person. Look to put between 55 and 65% of your 1RM on the barbell. And remember, of course, the front squats are from the floor unless it is a major limiting factor. Then you can pull from the rack.

If you are still working on getting your first bar muscle-up then finding a good scaling option for the workout will be really important. Today, a prerequisite must be displayed before scaling the bar muscle up as a jumping bar muscle-up. 2 to 3 strict C2B and 2 to 3 strict ring dips is the right of passage to attempting a bar muscle-up. If you can prove your strength, you could set up a box and do jumping bar muscle-ups, or grab a band for banded bar muscle-ups in the WOD.

If that prerequisite strength is something you’re still working on, start working through the spectrum of pulls; ring rows, kipping pull-up, strict pull-ups, kipping C2B, and then strict C2B. Whatever the hardest possible movement achievable is, make sure you hold yourselves accountable for picking something that is really hard. Those who are doing Rx will really be challenged, so creating the same stimulus across is the priority.

Using what you have learned so far about resting in the transitions is going to be huge today. Do not pick up the bar or hop on the rig until you are absolutely ready to complete the set unbroken. The theme for today is to start hot, try to hold on and finish only slightly less hot.

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