WOD – Monday 2/26

So the Open has officially begun and boy did it start with a bang. That AMRAP was about 20 minutes too long. I hope everyone still found a way to have fun with it. I know I did.

This week will be more of the same in terms of intensity and volume. Higher in the beginning and tapering down towards the end. Today’s workout will be repeated for sure so do your absolute best when deciding what weight to use and what box to jump on. After, put it all into Wodify.

Sign into Wodify and spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 Russian KBS
10 goblet squats
10 push-ups

Spend some time in the couch stretch and in the bottom of the squat
Make sure the front rack is well warmed up for both the strength and the WOD

A. Front squat – 3×3 w/85% of 2/12
B. Cluster – all singles, building up past the weight you plan on using in the WOD
So front squats are off of your 1RM that you found on Monday the 12th. If you didnt make it that day, you should still have one in Wodify. 3 sets of 3 with that poundage on the bar. The whole time.

Just like we did last week, and the week before, take some time to warm up the barbell movement found in the workout. The cluster is a squat clean thruster. Just a nasty movement. When you warm up, I would focus on all singles. Because in this workout, fast singles will get you a pretty good score. However, you shouldn’t choose a weight based on a plan of doing singles. That will definitely backfire. It’s a tricky line.

While warming up, find a weight that you can legitimately hold onto for a 3. Those 3 might be hard, but the weight needs to be challenging for the WOD to work. Again, you might go to singles in the workout, but finding the right weight in this strength session is very important.

“Port Tester #1”
Clusters (135/95#)(115/75#)
Burpee box jump overs (24/20”)
*will see this one again
Port benchmark WOD. Do not stop moving. Burpee box jump must follow new standards.

Accessory Work
Banded leg curls – accumulate 100e
Banded good mornings – accumulate 100

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