WOD – Monday 2/27

So 17.1 came and for many of us went very well. The effort was incredible and it shows how hard you work on a daily basis pays off. I hope you all are as proud of your results as I am. Let’s put that one in our rear view mirror and focus on 17.2.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then 2 rounds,
5 push-ups
10 squats
5 pull-ups
10 sit-ups

CFP squat mobility

A1. Back squat – 5×3; between 70-75% of your 1RM
*rest 2:00 between sets
A2. Crunch to dead bug – 3x20t (each leg = 1 rep)
Make sure you are getting in a set of deadbugs during your 2-minute rest between squat sessions. Remember, that slow is key.

12 min AMRAP
500m row
25 Russian KBS (70/53#)(53/35#)
15 pull-ups
I often try to discuss with my classes and especially with the new members during fundamentals that we teach a very small variety of movements. We change the load (barbell, med ball, kettlebell) and the finish position (to your hips, shoulders, OH) and we can make 40 movements out of just 3. So when we look at the KBS we should try to find the fundamental principles within its simplicity.
1. The bottom position of the KBS is the exactly like the hang position in any Olympic lift. Shoulders are in front of the bell, weight is evenly distributed in your feet, back is tight and neck is neutral.
2. The transfer of power that we try to master is the same across all movements whether it’s a clean, wall ball, box jump, or KBS. We load the hips back, engaging our hamstrings and then triple extend up. This explosion of power is dependent on everything moving horizontally.
3. When the KB is overhead, we mimic any pressing movement. Head through, active shoulders and glutes turned on.
These 3 keys are the fundamentals of the lift, but #2 is where we screw up the swing most often. Sometimes we learn bad mechanics through a perception of a movement being easier through incorrect technique. Sometimes in the swing, we push the bell out away from us through a horizontal hip path. This is just as inefficient in this movement as it would be in a clean or a snatch. You would never punch a bar out by popping it off your hips, right? (insert winky face emoji) So today, let’s reinvest in the basics and work on being correct in form and efficient in energy.

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