WOD – Monday 3/19

So for most of us, 18.4 is in the rearview and we are on to the very last workout of the 2018 CrossFit Open. This year has been full of firsts, first time Rxing a workout, lifting a weight in a WOD, getting a couple of reps of really high skill gymnastics movements. The atmosphere has been truly contagious. Every Saturday I tried to take a moment to look around and really appreciate what this community does for one another. People jumping at the chance to judge or simply change weights. No one was left without some sort of cheering section and everyone worked so hard in the workouts every week, regardless of what Dave Castro threw at us. Let’s continue that for one more week.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10t walking lunges w/med ball OH
10 med ball cleans

Clean, lunge and jerk mobility

Weightlifting complex – find a heavy single for the Curtis P complex which is…
1 power clean
1 lunge left leg
1 lunge right leg
1 S2OH
Great complex here. Power clean is pretty self-explanatory. But in the lunges, make sure you are stepping back unto the neutral position with one step. So lunge forward, then lunge back to the starting position with one movement. You cannot take 17 shuffle steps. Drive the back knee straight down and the front knee stays over the front ankle. Keeping your shoulders over your hips and your core engaged will really help you maintain tension and power. Don’t let the shoulders and/or elbows dip down because that will make the lunge so much harder.

“Back down South”
3 rounds
10 deadlifts (115/75#)(95/65#)
10 hang power cleans
20t front rack lunges
Using what you focused on in the strength, apply it to the WOD. Think about the pacing here. Where should you push and where should you breathe. Listen to your coaches and think about sets and reps.

Accessory work
Banded good mornings – 4×15
GHD static holds (face down) – :20 to :30, x4

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