WOD – Monday 3/25

PortBurn starts this week! What does this program mean for current members? You now can choose to do a Burn WOD in place of the regular CrossFit WOD during the listed Burn class times. The Burn WOD will have a similar focus on functional movements, but will be much more accessible, meaning no barbells, no high skill gymnastics just all sweat! A great opportunity for you to mix it up and challenge yourself in a different way. Also, there is no extra cost for you to participate in this program.

What does this program mean for non-members? Do you have a friend, coworker, sibling, partner that has been interested in CrossFit, but has been hesitant to start? PortBurn is a great way to join our community but doesn’t require a lengthy on-ramp, intimidating barbells or high-level gymnastics movements. The workouts are very approachable and effective.

If you have someone who you think would love this program or you want to learn more check out the PortBurn page on our website – https://theport.fit/programs/port-burn/

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds w/empty barbell
:30 bottom of back squat
10 push press/push jerks/split jerks
10 lunges (with or without barbel)
:30 plank hold

Shoulder mobility based on strength

CrossFit Strength
S2OH complex – 1 push jerk + 1 split jerk
Build in the complex to a perfect single.
*less experienced athletes should complete an EMOM with a moderate weight.
This is a good opportunity to really start to dial in the OH positions in the jerk. If you think about each movement in the S2OH family tree, each one teaches you something that applies to the next. For example, the strict press teaches you proper bar path when lifting overhead. When you move to the push press, the bar path must be exactly the same. Straight overhead, right past your nose. In the push press, we learn how to properly dip and drive. Stay in the heels, hips and shoulders move straight down and straight up so that the bar does the same. When we finally move to the jerk, we can apply both of these very important performance cues, straight bar path and good dip and drive. However, we need to learn how to com under the bar and land with the arms fully locked out. Today, that is our focus because it is what the jerk aims to teach us. So in this strength, weight is secondary to that concept. Do not keep climbing if you are failing to receive the bar properly.

CrossFit WOD
“Unforced Error”
KBS (70/53#)(53/35#)
After every round complete…
15 sit-ups
10/8 cals AB
Full kettlebell swings today, and heavy ones at that. They are the major movement, so make sure your form is good and grab a bell that is going to challenge you, not compromise your form. Never let your shoulders come behind your hips, the top position should be the same as the movements in the strength. Legs locked, shoulders over the hips, bell over the shoulders, glutes squeezed.

1. Body Building – Not for time
DB bench press
Strict pull-ups/ring rows
1:00 weighted plank hold after every round
2. Banded work – accumulate 100 each
Banded leg extensions
Banded Palloff press
3. Interval work – Recovery/Breathing focused
15:00 on AB
Every 3:00, complete
30 DU’s
15 weighted sit-ups
4. Gymnastics – HS practice
A. Accumulate 3:00 upside down
B. 10:00 of HS walking work
5. Murph prep – Pre-season
The beginning stages of Murph prep, start thinking about it.
Complete 3 sets of 12 push-ups, 4 days this week.

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