WOD – Monday 3/26

So the Open is over. Now what? Use your experience as a time to reflect.

After the Open, it’s easy to look at the leaderboard and compare yourself to the thousands of others who battled week to week. To see where you rank in terms of your age, the state of New Hampshire or even the world. It’s very easy to let those numbers tell you how you should be feeling, and a lot of times we talk to ourselves too negatively when digesting this information.

Remember why you walked into this gym. You made a choice one day to be better than you were. To work on being the best version of yourself. To improve your quality of life and in turn, move better, sleep better and feel better.

For good and for bad CrossFit has evolved into a worldwide sport and with every sport there is competition. The Open is the beginning of the CrossFit (as a sport) competition year and a small few who do really well will move on to the next step. But placing poorly in the Open does not mean you suck at CrossFit. You know what does? If you have gained weight since starting, if your eating habits are worse and you don’t sleep better at night. You might be terrible at CrossFit if you are less happy on a daily basis, if your stress levels are through the roof, or it has started to negatively affect your personal relationships with the people you love. If you are in a worse place physically and emotionally because of CrossFit, you might be bad at CrossFit.

You love The Port because of what CrossFit has done for you. Use the Open to reflect on how much better you have gotten over the past year. Let it show you some weaknesses that might need some attention. But do not let the Open tell you that you aren’t good at CrossFit. Because looking around every day at all of you with smiles on your face, high fiving your favorite people, faster, stronger and healthier than you’ve ever been. You guys are amazing at CrossFit and you inspire me to be more and more like you every day. So thank you for an incredible 2018 Open season. Here’s to many, many more.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds w/a bar
10 deadlifts
10 front rack lunges
10 bent over rows
10 sit-ups

Hanstring, quad and front rack mobility

A. Deadlift –
*every set should be as close to a max as possible
B. Front rack lunges – 10RM
Two separate sections here. Go about it however you want and in whatever order you’d like. But you’re only going to get 15 minutes in each section. So have a plan, warm-up but keep moving through.

“Say Something”
1 round AFAP
30 front squats (135/95#)(95/65#)
30 OtB burpees
30 weighted sit-ups (25/15#)
30/25 cals row
One time through, AFAP. 12-minute time cap will be strictly enforced. Make sure each movement provides a challenge but keeps you moving the entire time. Weights for the sit-ups should be held to the chest and not overhead.

Accessory Work
5 rounds
10′ monster walk (left then right)
15 banded face pulls

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