WOD – Monday 3/27

So this years open has come and gone and in its wake you might be spinning from all the feelings it has left you with. The easy way to evaluate the open is by looking at your placing. Figuring out how each one of your open performances scored and how that affected your overall place in the region, state, or division. But simply defining your workouts by labeling them with a number is doing you a great disservice. Instead of focusing on the number, try focusing on how the open made you feel. Try defining your open by considering it a success or not based on how happy you are with what you accomplished. It’s easy to walk away from something like this discouraged, looking at all the people ahead of you, but remember to celebrate the small successes. Maybe this year was your first year in the open at all, maybe it was your first bar muscle up, maybe you PRed your snatch, maybe you did DU’s in a workout for the first time, or maybe this year was your first year in the Rx division. All reasons to walk away psyched about the CrossFit Open 2017. Now it’s time to sit down and look at what you want to improve for next year. Make a 3 month, 6 month and 12 month goal that we can help you achieve, because when The Open comes around again next year, we will be ready.

I am personally so proud of what our community accomplished this year. Everyone who participated worked so hard week in and week out. People were so supportive of everyones efforts and overall we should walk away with a great feeling of accomplishment.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then 3 rounds
15 air squats
10 push-ups
5 pull-ups

CFP squat mobility session – spiderman, couch, pigeon

Back Squat – find a 10RM + 2×10 @90%
This will be an important baseline, so push this number. One, maybe two attempts max. Then 2 drop sets.

“Hors D’oeuvres”
14 min AMRAP
500m row
10 power snatches (95/65#)(75/55#)
10 OHS
15 T2B
All snatches must be power, so no squat snatches counting as an OHS, and should be unbroken. Which means the power snatches need to be done unbroken, no 5 and 5, AND the OHS need to be done unbroken. You can rest between the 2 movements, but as soon as you start that set, you cannot put it down until all 10 reps are done.

Accessory Work
Bulgarian split squats – 4x8e (AHAP)
Banded good mornings – 3×20
Post class accessory work continues

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