WOD – Monday 3/6

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then 2 rounds
10 goblet squats
10 ring rows
50′ bear crawl

Spend 2:00 bottom of the squat w/KB
Calf smash
Ankle mobility

A1. Front squat – 5×3; all above 70% of your 1RM
A2. Banded good mornings – 3×20

“Work Song”
50 DU’s
Power cleans (155/105#)(135/95#)
50 DU’s
Power cleans
50 DU’s
Power cleans
*20:00 time cap
Essentially 3 rounds of decreasing reps in the barbell movements. Push yourselves here, weight should be very challenging. If it helps in any way, the overall rep scheme is 21-15-9, just in a little messier in format. Keeping in mind that it’s only 2 movements, warm up well and make sure you can maintain form and efficiency at the weigh you chose.
*On a operate note, I have built a progression for DU’s, so if you are frustrated with them, come see me. Sometimes a few small tweaks, some simple fixes, and a little direction goes a long way with these. You will not get them by picking up a rope on the days where they are in the workout.

Cool Down
Shoulder recovery is a priority. Lax ball, banded work, up to you.

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