WOD – Monday 5/20

We are one week away from the most anticipated Murphs ever. Are you ready?

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 or 3 rounds
10 air squats
5 inchworms
10 air squats
5 cat cows
10 air squats
5e scorpions

The Port squat mobility

Back squat – 3×3
*the goal is to be around 70, 80 and 90% of the single on 4/29
Stick to these percentages and make each squat count. Some of the earlier reps are going to seem a little bit easier than normal, but we are building in a back squat cycle that requires a lot less volume than we are used to. Hopefully, with such a decrease in volume, we can continue to get stronger without the aches and pains that come along with a lot of heavy reps. This week the final set of back squats will be a max effort set, so get as many reps as you can at the final weight.

Remember, If we are spotting the back squat, we need to be confident in our approach. It is ok to tell someone that you do to want that responsibility. Find someone who is will to get right under the armpits to not only help the person up but prevent them from coming forward. If you prefer, ask two people to help, but make sure you communicate with each of them. Do not simply assume that they will pick the bar off your back when things start to go south. Discuss keywords and have a good understanding of what’s going to happen and when.

If the weight is something you truly might not be able to pick up, get comfortable with bailing behind you.

“Got Away with One”
1 round; AFAP
40 burpee touches
800m row
Mental fortitude will play as big of a role today as the pace you set and the strategy you choose. The space between your ears has the biggest influence when it comes to getting a good workout. A negative thought is one of the most toxic things we can let in. Yes, it is 40 burpees but you do more than double that in any given workout. Yes, it is a long row, but it is only once and you are all done. Give it an effort you will be proud of when it is all said and done.

1. Murph Training
Complete in any fashion throughout the week
50 pull-ups
100 push-ups
150 air squats
1 mile run
2. Bodybuilding
3 to 5 rounds
10 DB hammer curls
12 banded pull-aparts
14 GHD sit-ups
16 banded tricep push-downs
3. Unilateral work
Goblet reverse lunges – 4x8e
SA DB pull-over – 4x10e
4. Core work
Complete 100 of each
Plank hold, DB switches
Stir the pots on the big exercise ball

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