WOD – Monday 6/15

I know we all want to try a muscle-up. You have been so patient and trusting in the programming. We are slowly getting back to high skill gymnastics and big barbell movements. Each week we are adding things to look forward to. Keep being diligent in your rerelease back into the wild. The more conscious of it we are now, the safer we will be through this process.

400m run
Then, 3 rounds
5 inchworms
10 OH sit-ups

Bench press – 4×6; find a challenging weight and complete all 4 sets, do not build.
Again, staying within the RPE range of 6 to 7.
4 rounds
10 wall ball floor press
10 weighted sit-ups
*laying on a wall ball, double DB bench press

7 min AMRAP
14t DB step-ups
7 C2B
Kipping is allowed, but no butterfly. If chest to bar pull-ups are too much, complete regular pull-ups, banded pull-ups or even ring rows. If you are scaling down a movement, think about keeping them strict. For example, if you are going to do regular pull-ups instead, maybe try to make them strict pull-ups. Not a long workout so make sure whatever you chose keep you moving. Do not pick something that forces you to take too many breaks and bogs you down on the rig.
7 min AMRAP
14t DB step-ups
7e DB Rows OR 7 Strict Pull-Ups OR 14 banded rows

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