WOD – Monday 6/18

Another week. Another Monday. Another chance to set the tone for the week. Get in the gym and start the week off right.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds of an evolving barbell warm up
5 pulls – deadlift/high pull/clean
5 front squats to a squat clean
5 presses – strict/push/jerk
5 good mornings

Full mobility blitz to prep for clean ladder

Squat clean ladder –; increase weight each round based on 1RM
A very strength based piece that is going to require as much cardiovascular energy as it does preparation. The correct stimulus will leave your muscles and lungs begging for a break. In order to achieve this, preparation and strategy are going to require a very individual approach. Starting too light and you are not going to get heavy enough. Start too heavy and it will take too long and you lose intensity.

Here as some guidelines;
10’s between 65 and 70%
8’s between 75 and 80%
6’s between 80 and 85%
4’s between 85 and 90%
2’s 90% and up

“Since When?”
E3:00 for 15:00 total
250m row
200m run
*scaling to earn appropriate rest will be critical. You must be smart here. If it is just not possible to achieve both of these movements in the required time and earn some rest, then talk to a coach about a different approach. Maybe complete the row and run with a minute rest between rounds. Discuss goals and come up with a plan.

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