WOD – Monday 6/25

Another week, another chance to attack your goals head-on with a fresh start. What are your goals? Have you thought about them recently?

The summertime is a very difficult time to stay consistent. It is tough to keep your diet on track. Getting in the gym is much more difficult. Sleep isn’t as easy to come by. Hydration is something you actually have to work for. But understanding these things and focusing on baby steps will really help you stay the course. Let your coaches know if we can help in any way.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then 5 min AMRAP
25′ burpee broad jump down
25′ walking lunge back

Olympic wall squat series

Back squat – E:90 for 9 min
Round 1 – 1×4
Round 2 – 1×3
Round 3 – 1×2
Rounds 4 to 7 – all singles (4)
Build in weight the entire time.
So a second session of this rep scheme. You guys did really well with it and should use this session as a chance to build off the last time. You can look back in Wodify (5/30) and chose to add weight each time, or maybe climb to a heavier single. Either way, more volume today than last time.

“Whistle Blower”
Clean and jerks (115/75#)(95/65#)
200m run after every round except the last round.
20 min time cap
This one is going to take some time. It is going to be nine 200m runs. So even if you run them in 1:30, we are already working with 13 plus minutes. In order to beat the cap, you must be smart and stay moving. Clean and jerks should be smooth and probably unbroken. For some who can maintain good form with this weight being a little bit heavy, 2 sets could work. But it is you against the cap, so coming in from the run and getting right on the bar is a must.

Accessory Work
3 to 5 rounds
20t deadbugs
1:00 plank hold
Rest 1:30 between rounds

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